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Sammy McIlroy and SCI »

Manchester United and  Northern Ireland legend Sammy McIlroy with Victoria Gridley of Shipping Corp of India / Escome Lamberts.

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Current Shipments

Antwerp to Colombo

- 9 x 40' High Cube Shippers own modified accommodation units shipped as BBK on a container vessel

Felixstowe to Vancouver

- 100 x 40' High Cube containers off fabricated steel work for mine in Logan Lake, BC

Tilbury to Onne Port

- 135 x 40' Dry Van containers off Steel work

Hull to Vancouver

- 8000mt deadweight vessel full charted from Hull to Vancouver

Grangemouth to Malta

- 8 x 40' High Cube containers comprising of various oil well equipment

Antwerp to Charleston

- 5 pieces, 185,000 kgs / 465.00 cbm of conventional cargo

Antwerp to Mumbai

- 1 piece, 90,000 kgs / 135 cbm of conventional cargo

Felixstowe to Seattle

- 40' Open Top and 20 Open Top containers of reels of wire rope

Felixstowe to Tianjin

- 4 x 40' Flat Rack container over width and over height and 3 x 40' High Cube container from Glasgow to Tianjin of Machinery

Tilbury to Luanda

- 50,000 kgs of 45 ft lengths of pipe work for Oil and Gas from Aberdeen to Luanda

Felixstowe to Veracruz

- 2 x 40' Flat Rack containers 4.00m wide and 3.5m High for the Oil and Gas Industry

Glasgow to Buenaventura

- 6 x 40' Open Top Containers container empty cable reels for the Oil and Gas Industry

Great Yarmouth to Port of Spain

- 1 x 20' Flat Rack container over width and over container drilling derrick equipment

La Spezia to Fremantle

- 4 x 40' Flat Rack Containers (over length & over height) @ 12.35m x 2.00m x 2.30m each. successfully collected, loaded to flat rack containers and loaded to vessel from La Spezia port to Fremantle port, Australia. See case ...

Aberdeen to Vancouver

- 5 x 20' GP Containers and 2 x 40' FR Containers (over width/over height/over weight) of Oil Well Equipment from Aberdeen, Scotland to Slave Lake, British Columbia.

Chennai to Montrose

- Break Bulk shipment of 1 Case of Wind Turbine Blades @ 14.00m x 2.24m x 2.00m from Chennai Port, India to Montrose, Scotland.

Indonesia to Belgium

- 8 Cement Mixer Units each at 10.50m x 4.56m x 5.54m & 38 metric tonnes. Collected from Batam Island to AntwerpCollected from a jungle site in Batam to Singapore via barge and from Singapore to Antwerp as Break Bulk cargo.

Vancouver - Teesport

- 1 x 40ft HC containing 3 packages of mining equipment that was british return goods grossing a weight of 2500kgs

Rotterdam - Mombasa

- 2 x20ft GP containing oilwel equipment for the Transocean Rig in Kenya. Total Gross weight of 36000kgs

Tilbury - Fremantle

- 2 x 20ft HC shippers own container carrying Mining equipment with a total gross weight of 30000kgs

Felixstowe - Apapa

- 1 x 40ft Flat Rack, over width and over height carrying Oilwell equipment grossing a total weight of 38000kgs

Felixstowe - Tripoli

- 2 x 40ft HC containers with the contents of 79 Heated Spray Rooms grossing 7000kgs in weight

Felixstowe - Nacala

- 1 x 40ft HC containing 11 packages of oilwell equipment with a gross weight of 10'653kgs

Felixstowe - Umm Qasar

- 2 x 40ft GP and 1 x 40ft HC container carrying Oilwell equipment a total combined gross weight of 52'634kgs

Case studies

Oversized Paper Drying Tanks from UK to Bangladesh »

Arbour Shipping Ltd were requested to move 4 Paper Dryer Machines from the UK to Bangladesh. This was part of a factory refit for a well known paper mill in Bangladesh.The gross weight of the pieces, at only 38 tonnes, was not an issue. It was the ...

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