Project Logistics

Our project services are supplied to customers in every sector, whether that is the project owner, supplier or the contracted forwarder.


Arbour Shipping’s project logistics services are customised for each individual contract to help the easy of these often complex tasks. Our specialist teams use the creativity and skills that come from long experience in the field. Anything heavy and oversized gets our special attention.


With our 30 years of expertise in Conventional Break Bulk, and project forwarding, Arbour Shipping’s project logistics services are customised for each individual contract, to satisfy these often complex tasks. Our team consisting of specialists in their field are able to put together their extensive knowledge, skills and creativity to ship any sized cargo from any origin to any destination worldwide.


Our team have their own specific skill set and knowledge of global networks and trade lanes which allows us to offer a variety of products and services


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Our Expertise

Arbour Shipping has gained vast expertise in providing project logistics services for many of the large-scale organisations worldwide. Our goal is to provide your one-stop-shop no matter the type, size or complexity of your project and to be part recognised as one of the leading project forwarders.


We achieve this by being able to offer services like:

  • Competitive rates
  • On site management at origin and/or destination
  • Vast experienced and continuous project management
  • Single point of contact throughout the movement
  • Heavy lift and abnormal loads (sea, air, intermodal)
  • Rapid response to emergency situations
  • Close understanding of international transportation services
  • Door-to-door transportation services
  • Surveys and Studies (route, port, weather and political climate)
  • Stevedoring, port lashing and port storage facilities
  • Liner agents for Atlantic Pacific Line and Project Arabia Line


We have gained our experience over the years by taking a hands-on approach in dealing with every aspect of the entire project movement. The responsibility of most project operators ends once the cargo has left origin. But not us, we follow the full movement from start to finish and even provide after sales advice long after the project has been delivered to its intended destination.


Many of our project managers and key personnel have worked for contractors, either directly or under contracted terms, also at remote job-sites, where they have gained their skills and experience in local operational procedures and practices for international projects.


We also do not forget the close relationships we have gained over the years with contractors and suppliers (international and domestic). Without our being able to gain such relationships, we would not be able to offer such a high standard of service to you, our customer.

Core Activities

Cargo planning

As an integral part of “your” cargo planning department, we endeavour to make the entire project movement as stress free and simple as possible. By utilising our expert knowledge and experience (both locally and overseas) we ensure that no stone is left unturned for the smooth transition between shipper and consignee.


Cargo surveying & studies

We provide all the relevant checks, surveys and studies (route, port, weather and political climate). This helps us to ensure all avenues are explored so that any issues are avoided and the projects are executed smoothly without interruption.


Origin service

Vendor expediting, collection, marshalling, packing, export customs clearance and delivery to port / airport are all taken care of by our qualified team of project experts.


Sea and air cargo chartering

We provide customized full and part chartering of break bulk, heavy lift and river vessels, barges, tugs and supply boats around the world through our experienced global marine charter desks in the UK and Dubai.


Integrated transport solutions

In order to meet the increasing demands for complex out-of-gauge shipments, we have an in-house transport department based in the UK which has an impressive global track record. Out-of-gauge operations are transport / cargo operations or activities that require the use of equipment or machinery of an unusual ability or exceptional capacity or require changes to existing infrastructure and installations.


Destination service

Just like our origin services, we take care of everything and ensure that when the project arrives at the final destination, the client is fully happy with the service and product before we think of singing off the paperwork and hand the movement over to the final consignee.


Project management

We provide project planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling logistics. We apply our collective knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to a broad range of activities to meet the requirements of a particular project.

Key Services

In addition to our core and ocean and air freight products and multimodal transport solutions, we offer specific project services like:

  • Surveys and studies (route, port, weather, site and political climate)
  • 3PL and 4PL
  • Door-to-door project services
  • Competitive rates
  • On site management at origin and/or destination
  • Single point of contact throughout the movement
  • Heavy lift and abnormal loads
  • Continuous project management
  • Surveys and Studies (route, port, weather and political climate)
  • Stevedoring, port lashing and port storage facilities
  • Liner agents for Atlantic Pacific Line and Project Arabia Line
  • Warehousing & export packaging
  • Logistics project management (origin or destination)
  • Aircraft & ocean vessel chartering
  • Customs clearance & documentation
  • Heavy lift / over dimensional cargo handling & transport


We work closely with you to deliver solutions that bring you cost savings and create value for your company.


You benefit from our industry-specific expertise which we have gained from the completion of numerous large and small projects in all industry segments worldwide over the past years.


Our highly specialized, dedicated team and our global market presence also work to your benefit. The purchasing power of the Arbour Shipping Group and our strong and solid background in the air freight and ocean freight markets are additional elements in an optimized business package.


We have been involved in sea and air charter ever since our inception. In fact, due to our knowledge and key personnel in key parts of the world, in 2009 we were appointed as sole North European agent for Project Arabia Line (PAL), one of the Persian Gulf’s premier privately owned vessel operators based in the UAE.


PAL offers specialist project and charter (full, part or timed) services from Northern Europe to the Persian Gulf, Mediterranean, North African and Middle East areas.


Arbour Shipping are able to move literally any size cargo from 1 tonne up to 1500 tonnes in a single lift, with our specialty being in the oil and gas and mining sectors.


We have a dedicated chartering department in the UK for ocean or costal vessels, and through our Dubai office we are able to offer global charter or part charter options. Vessels may be chartered on a per trip / charter or timed charter basis. Our fleet can accommodate short sea crossings and coastal movements through to deep sea charters. Within the Arbour Group we are able to offer the full range of vessel chartering services.


We also have our own dedicated Aircraft Charter Department offering everything from Lear Jet size right up to the gigantic Antonov 225 size aircraft, offering full worldwide coverage for:

  • Heavy and outsize cargo
  • Oil, Gas and Mining Equipment
  • Automotive cargo
  • Aircraft on Ground (AOG)


Arbour Shipping will quickly and efficiently assess routes, payload and timescale in order to suggest the most suitable aircraft for your requirements. We will also identify the most suitable airfields to minimise surface transfers and secure handling equipment.


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