Rail Freight

Rail Freight


Arbour Shipping can give you access to all railway networks, either directly with the railway operator or by partnering with experienced and trusted service providers, to build your individual door-to-door solution.


Our vast rail solutions offer coverage throughout Europe and all CIS countries as well as China via both the Trans-Siberian or Central Asian routes, depending upon your specific transport requirements.


Our experience in sea and air logistics has enabled us to incorporate this high operating standard in our rail logistics department. The result is higher standards in operational excellence, and an ability to deliver successful solutions in the most challenging, complex circumstances.


Across the CIS, for example, our specialists ensure that consignments are shipped promptly and safely. Dedicated staff at all key border crossings, ensure the trans-shipment of your cargo from normal to wide gauge wagons with high levels of security imposed throughout the transport.


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Intermodal rail transportation is the combination of rail with road haulage either at origin or destination. Unlike conventional rail, this method allows the operator to move shipments without any handling of the freight itself when changing transport modes.


This method reduces cargo handling, and so improves security, reduces damage and loss, and allows freight to be transported faster.


This is an environmentally friendly and competitive mode of transportation especially in case of long distances.


Due to a wealth of knowledge gathered over the years, we are able to offer our client’s not only a road option but also a rail option for your project and out of gauge movements.


This is predominantly for cargoes moving within the CIS countries, China, USA and Canada.


Arbour Shipping offers such services as:

  • Working with the customer on preplanning to be able to determine appropriate means of transport / wagon required.
  • Understand country specific requirements and offer favourable transport routes
  • Coordinate with our partners and rail operators to find the best time schedules for our customers

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