Air Freight

Air Freight


Arbour Shipping has a dedicated air freight team on hand 24/7 to ensure we meet all your freight deadlines. We pride ourselves on having high performance standards and the flexibility to accommodate your exact needs.


All of our shipments are monitored, measured and controlled according to cargo 2000 procedures to enable us to fully monitor the door-to-airport and door-to-door movements thus providing you with the correction information when you need it.


Our online services enable you to calculate a pricing structure and arrange Inbound, outbound and cross trade shipments on a global basis at the touch of a button.


Please see our various air freight products we can offer.


For more information contact us on 01942 885 690 or email [email protected]

Air Freight Products

As we are able to utilise many services including our own consolidation service, we can offer a variety of air freight solutions for your every need.



Priority is ideal for time-critical shipments. All consignments are scheduled for the next direct flight or fastest available connection. Typical transit time of 1 to 2 days airport to airport.



Standard provides a cost-effective and timely solution, as with our extensive online network, we can serve most destinations several times a week and major centres daily. Typical transit time of 3 to 4 days airport to airport.



Where transit times are less critical, we recommend economy – it’s our most cost effective product. Typical transit time of 5 to 6 days airport to airport. In addition to offering you the many products and solutions noted above, we are also able to offer, using our on line tariff and booking service, services such as

  • Door to door
  • Airport to airport
  • Door to airport
  • Airport to door

Air Charter

With experts located around the globe, we have the expertise, knowledge and knowhow to match your cargo’s requirements. We also have our own dedicated Aircraft Charter Department offering everything from Lear Jet size right up to the gigantic Antonov 225 size aircraft, offering full worldwide coverage for:

  • Heavy and outsize cargo
  • Oil, gas and mining equipment
  • Automotive cargo
  • Air–sea / Sea-air traffic


Arbour Shipping will quickly and efficiently assess routes, payload and timescale in order to suggest the most suitable aircraft for your requirements. We will also identify the most suitable airfields to minimise surface transfers and secure handling equipment.


Our range services includes:

  • Long term projects
  • Heavy lift and oversize movements
  • Humanitarian aid and relief
  • Government transport
  • IMCO transportation
  • Transport of “must go” freight

Hot Shot

Hot shot air freight movement is mainly used in the oil and gas industries. This is a very small but very urgent piece of cargo which needs to be air freighted that very same day. The cargo is generally that small so it can be taken on the aircraft as hand luggage.

Aircraft on Ground (AOG)

Aircraft on Ground means simply as it reads. When an aircraft is stranded on the ground due to technical problems, the key is to ensure the parts required arrive as soon as humanly possible to avoid serious delays in all matter of areas. That’s why we have a team of dedicate staff that guarantees to get our customers aircrafts back in the air.


As we work closely with all the major airlines and operators, many of these partners also count on our air freight team. The team’s passion for solutions and 100% dedication are required in the unfortunate situation of an Aircraft on Ground (AOG). From small parts up to larger products, we are amongst the market leaders in chartering a variety of able bodied aircrafts to accommodate your shipment. Tailored to your individual needs, we offer global AOG solutions.


Arbour Shipping’s worldwide agency network offers the full package. Pick up, delivery, packing, customs clearance and much more. We are only one call away.

Sea-Air Traffic

If you are finding your airfreight rates too high for long-haul shipments but need faster transport than sea freight alone, consider a careful blend of the two.


Sea-Air / Air-Sea traffic combines the economy of the sea with the speed of the air to give you a cost-effective solution. This fusion of transport modes enables you to send goods from Asia to Europe, North and South America, or Africa within 2-3 weeks.


So if your goods are cost-sensitive and not absolutely urgent, consider the combined benefits of Sea-Air / Air-Sea traffic from us. It could be the perfect answer.

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