Jebel Ali, UAE

About This Project

POL: Felixstowe, UK
POD: Jebel Ali, UAE
1 x 40ft Flat Rack container (in gauge)
Weight: 27,500kgs

Arbour Shipping were approached by a regular customer to price up a shipment of 1 x 40ft Open Top Container comprising various pieces of Oil Well Equipment.
There was an initial problem with the total weight of the cargo as this was too heavy to be loaded into a standard 40ft Open Top container. But after looking at the individual cargo specifications Arbour Shipping advised the client that all the cargo could be loaded safely by our own staff, at our facility in Felixstowe, directly onto 1 x 40ft Flat Rack container. We took great care in ensuring the same was in gauge for shipping purposes.
To the delight of the client, and due to the knowledge and expertise of the Arbour’s Project Team, the cargo was loaded and shipped as 1 x 40ft Flat Rack Container. This resulted in the shipper saving over £1’000.00 on additional shipping costs just for the sake of a little lateral thinking and experience.
Even though times are hard for everyone, Arbour Shipping are always striving hard to cut shipping expenses down for our clients. Helping the flow of import and export trade from the UK.