Mobile, USA

About This Project

POL: Mobile, USA
POD: Grangemouth, UK
Weight: 28,000kgs each
Dimensions: 8.86m x 4.02m x 4.02m

This is the return cargo of one of our export case studies.
The same operation was involved on this return leg as per the outward journey, however, the hose had been spooled off making the weight of the reels much lower.
Also there were no time restraints on the return leg, therefore, Arbour Shipping suggested to the client that the units should be shipped into Grangemouth Port, rather than direct into Felixstowe. As the final destination for the cargo was Montrose in Scotland this choice would make the overall shipment much cheaper for the client whilst increasing the port to port transit time only slightly.
The client was delighted at the idea and the substantial cost saving to them was appreciated greatly.
For such valued information and service, Arbour Shipping has enjoyed a succession of business from this one particular customer. It just shows that a little extra thinking and honesty can pay substantial dividend for all concerned.