Chittagong, Bangladesh

About This Project

POL: Felixstowe, UK
POD: Chittagong, Bangladesh
25 x 40ft Flat Racks (OOG)
10 x 40ft DV containers
5 x 20ft DV containers

Arbour Shipping was pleased to secure the movement of several Lindie Reach Stacker Trucks from UK destined for the Indian Sub-Continent. It was the culmination of several weeks of negotiations with a very experienced and price sensitive client.
This was also quite a detailed and complicated movement due to the high number of containers that were actually required:-

25 x 40ft Flat Racks (OOG), 10 x 40ft DV containers, 5 x 20ft DV containers.

The most difficult part of the shipment was obtaining the all the Special Equipment required for the shipment and securing the relevant space on board the relevant vessel.
However, due to our ongoing relationship with many carriers, Arbour Shipping where able to arrange to on-hire the required equipment in UK, arrange for all the cargo to be loaded and shipped, in full, to its final resting place in the Indian Sub-Continent.
Another example of how Arbour Shipping’s lateral thinking and close relationship with the vessel operators works to everyone’s advantage.

Arbour Shipping would like to thank everyone involved to make this movement and nice, simple and happy one.