Vera Cruz, Mexico

About This Project

POL: Felixstowe, UK
POD: Vera Cruz

The movement of oversized or overweight cargo can be a tricky little business.
It takes a different kind of thinking to negotiate the minefields associated with these types of movements and a different type of forwarder to think outside of containers.

Arbour Shipping Ltd is just this type of company.

Rapidly gaining the respect and reputation as the number one company in the UK for this type of shipment. Time and again the team at Arbour Shipping have proved their ability to think outside the normal realms to find the right solution to complex logistical movements.

One of Arbour Shipping’s recent jobs involved the complex movement of a Gas Flare Extraction System from the UK to the Cancun area of Mexico known as Quintana Roo State, grid ref 21°13’N 86°43’W.
The Flare System is designed to extract the harmful and environmentally damaging gases created by the decomposing refuse from landfill sites. This particular client is the premier manufacturer for this type of system in Europe, and is well known in environmental circles.

As always one of Arbour Shipping’s surveyors was on site for the loading of the machines to ensure everything was secured correctly. This also helped ensure the piece count was correct for the ever vigilant
Mexican Customs Authorities. Anyone familiar with the Mexican market will appreciate all too well the difficulties involved with dealing with Mexican Customs and the red tape imposed by the Mexican Hacienda.
The shipper in this case was very pleased to have someone take control of his shipment and deal with all the details and documentation involved and to deal with the Mexican Customs and final delivery. Working to a tight deadline for the delivery on site of 8th November 2010, Arbour Shipping worked constantly with our Mexican Agent (PMyL) and the Mexican Customs officials to ensure the cargo arrived on time. Not only did the cargo clear customs within 24 hours of arriving at Veracruz Port, we had several vehicles on standby to transport the machines over the weekend to arrive in Cancun at 0800hrs on Monday 8th November.
The speed and control that Arbour Shipping exerted came to fruition when the client advised that the shipment was being watched very carefully by the Mexican Government.
You see, on the 15th November 2010 a switching on ceremony will be held by none other than Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa, the President of Mexico.
This switching on ceremony is tied in with the United Nations Climate Change Conference being held in Cancun on 29th November 2010 by President Calderon to further develop the Kyoto Protocol along with IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) and the UN.
Senior representatives of all the world’s major countries will be in Cancun for this meeting hosted by President Calderon to reduce greenhouse gases further.
Arbour Shipping Ltd are proud to be a significant part of President Calderon’s presentation to the outside world on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.