Vancouver, Canada

About This Project

POL: Hull, UK

POD: Vancouver, Canada

9’000 metric tonnes

11’000 cubic metres

Full Vessel Charter

Arbour Shipping recently secured a vessel charter from UK to Canada for 11’000 cubic metres of structural steel.

Destined for one of the main mining sites in British Columbia this project was a real opportunity to show what we could do on a grand scale.

Although straight forward enough in principle, the different sizes, shapes and weights of each piece made the consolidating and vessel planning very interesting.

Also due to the nature of this cargo the amount of handling involved had to be limited in order to reduce the risk of damage to the protective paint.

For this we used our own stevedores and port operations team plus we had one of our own projects teams on site for the full project.

After several weeks of collecting, storing, sorting and ordering the cargo at port we were ready to bring the charter vessel in. The cargo took 6 full days to successfully load to the vessel which then sailed directly to Vancouver Port without incident.

All in all a very pleasing shipment that showed Arbour Shipping at is best.