Southampton to Jebel Ali

About This Project

March 2014 saw an interesting shipment from one of our oldest clients.

1 Steel Pallet Said To Contain Rubber Hoses and Fittings measuring 1089cm x 239cm x 130cm and weighing 7100kgs.

Interesting in the fact that the cargo was an unusual shape, when you think of Rubber Hoses you automatically think of them wrapped on a reel or loose. These Rubber Hoses were actually packed in a specially designed carrying container that looked more like a torpedo than a reel. Still this is what makes shipping so interesting, you just don’t know what you will get next.

As per the clients request, we collected the cargo loose from their yard in Aberdeen and transported them to our loading facility at Southampton. Here the cargo was checked and re-measured as standard before being loaded to 1 x 40’ FR Container for shipment to Jebel Ali port in Dubai.

Due to the nature of the packing container for the hoses, securing them to the 40’ Flat Rack Container proved a slight obstacle as lashings could no be placed over the containers. Instead the skid base had to be lashed as best as possible in order to prevent the cargoes movement.

Thankfully our Southampton facility is very adept and such things and their professionalism shone through. The cargo was presented to the port and accepted for shipment without issue and arrived in Jebel Ali in perfect condition.

Arbour Shipping Ltd also dealt with all the relevant shipping documentation and customs entry required to ensure a smooth and hassle free shipment for the client. We also took several photos as part of the service offered and sent them to our client along with a detailed report for their file.