Southampton to Haiphong

About This Project

In December 2013 Arbour Shipping Ltd were contracted to move 5 Centrifugal Fans and Accessories from West Yorkshire to Haiphong, Vietnam.

The cargo consisted of :-

1 Case @ 334cm x 249cm x 425cm

1 Case @ 314cm x 239cm x 380cm

1 case @ 444cm x 364cm x 458cm

1 Case @ 399cm x 329cm x 408cm

1 Case @ 559cm x 334cm x 457cm


A fairly simple operation with the only complexity being the organisation of the collection and loading of the cargo to the containers.  After a brief site visit and a look at the cargo, Arbour Shipping Ltd’s project team took control.

Arranging the collection of the cargo on specialist vehicles with escorts (due to width and height) we transported the cases to our Southampton loading facility. The cases arrived here, as normal,  in perfect condition and were loaded/lashed to 2 x 40’ Flat Rack Containers and delivered to the quay.

Once on quay Arbour Shipping Ltd dealt with all the Export Customs paperwork to enable the cases to be loaded successfully to the vessel. The vessel departed Southampton on time and arrived in Haiphong is a proficient and timely manner, where the cargo was smoothly handed over to the consignee.