Scotland to Jebel Ali

About This Project

In February 2014 Arbour Shipping Ltd were contacted with a regards to an extremely urgent shipment.

The cargo consisted of 3 Cases of Dry Gas System and spares, to be shipped from Scotland to Jebel Ali Port, Dubai on 1 x 40’ Flat Rack Container.

One of the cases was a pleasantly awkward 7.85m x 3.85m x 3.38m weighing 12’000kgs.
Nothing out of the ordinary for Arbour Shipping Ltd, however, collecting the cargo from 2 different loading sites in Scotland and the North East of England to catch a vessel 3 days later was a different matter. On this occasion we were unable to make a site visit prior to collection so had to assume cargo was sufficiently packed for transport. Cargo was collected and transported to quay arriving the following day. This left only 2 days to offload, check the cargo, load/lash to the 40’ Flat Rack container and shunt to quay. Infact the vessel cut off for OOG containers was the day the cargo arrived at our Southampton depot. However, thanks to the reputation and communication skills of the Project Team at Arbour Shipping Ltd we gained an extension to this.

The cargo was transferred to the 40’ Flat Rack container as soon as the trailer arrived at the depot, literally a lift off lift on operation. The ships surveyor was on hand to check the securing before the container was even sent to the quay. Thus negating any time delay in checking acceptance for the vessel.
Both container and vessel departed on time much to the relief of the shipper who was unsure he had left enough time to complete the shipment. Welcome to the world of Arbour Shipping Ltd, where the impossible is made possible.