Ohio via Baltimore USA to Port Talbot UK

About This Project

August 2019 Arbour Shipping Ltd were requested to move 2 large Industrial Fans from the USA to UK.

Whilst not particularly heavy at only 18 tonnes each, the dimensions of each fan (6.60m x 3.50m x 3.60m) and its transit points made this shipment very interesting. The cargo was required to be collected from a very rural place in Ohio, several miles away from anywhere.

With cargo of this height there are certain aspects of the road transport to port that need to be looked at very closely. You need to be aware of any low bridges or tunnels and what restrictions there are on the roads and highways in each state you are planning to pass through.

You also need to be aware of the centre of gravity on the trailer and if the route involves any arduous terrain such as mountains etc. Then there is the lashing to the trailer as obviously with a cargo of this shape you have limited options on where to secure it properly. This again plays into knowing the route the cargo will have to take to the Port of Loading.

That aside, having the right partner with the expertise in such logistic moves makes all the difference. Arbour Shipping Ltd are one such company and we specialise in the Out Of Gauge / Over Height and Over Weight Cargoes. Our experience means the client can rest assured that everything has been attended to and due diligence has been completed before any cargo is moved.

The 2 fans were collected on ‘Low boy’ trailers carrying the relevant certificates, authorities and permits to move safely on the USA roads and highways. The fans arrived at the Port of Baltimore on time and as planned, from here each one was lashed to 1 x 40’ Flat Rack Container for shipment to the Port of Liverpool. Using our well known contacts in Baltimore Port the cargo was carefully and professionally transferred to the 40’ Flat Rack Containers, sheeted against the elements and lashed suitable for Ocean Transport across the Atlantic. But this is only half the story……..

Upon arrival in the Port of Liverpool the cargo had to be discharged from the 40’ Flat Rack Containers as the delivery site did not have the facilities to discharge containers. Therefore we had to move the cargo under bond to our stripping facility in Seaforth Docks to discharge the cargo (under cover), inspect it, re-sheet it and then reload to trailers for final delivery to Port Talbot.

We may not be the worlds biggest Heavy Lift or Project Forwarding Company, but we are one of the best, as our attention to detail is second to none and we take each shipment persona