Newcastle to Aqaba

About This Project

March 2014 Arbour Shipping were requested to quote for and subsequently move a shipment of Oil Well Equipment from Newcastle to Aqaba, Jordan.
The shipment consisted of 2 Reels of Steel Wire Rope, one of which was in its own frame. The reels measured in at :-
1 Reel in Frame @ 4.24m x 2.55m x 4.20m / 11’500kgs
1 Reel on a cradle @ 3.80m x 2.30m x 3.80m / 6’500kgs

The client is a regular customer of Arbour Shipping Ltd and knows we will always provide the best service possible. With this in mind we sent one of our surveyors to look at the cargo due to its height. Once we had ascertained that the cargo dimensions were correct and that the cargo was suitable for road movement we arranged for the uplift.
By checking the cargo on site, we ensure that the right vehicle for the job is utilised. There is nothing worse than sending in an unsuitable vehicle and wasting the client’s time and money. Plus, by visiting the site we can check if there are any issues that may arise prior to them happening. As a result the cargo was successfully collected on a low boy trailer for transport to Felixstowe. Once at our dedicated facility in Felixstowe the cargo was inspected and offloaded. From here it was then loaded to 1 x 40’ FR Container (Over Width and Over Height), secured and delivered to the quay for shipment.
Arbour Shipping arranged the export customs entry, survey report and letter of credit documentation for the client as always.
The cargo loaded to the vessel on time and shipped without problem.