New Orleans, USA

About This Project

POL: Felixstowe
POD: New Orleans, USA
1 x reel of steel wire rope load as Break Bulk over 2 x 20’ Flat Rack Containers
Dimensions 3.05m x 2.46m x 3.11m
Weight: 50,000 kgs

This shipment was an interesting and surprisingly delicate project for Arbour Shipping.
With a short lead time to organise heavy transport and suitable vessel and a restrictive deadline, everything was up against our client and us on this shipment.

The client had been given such a very short time to arrange the shipment and to have it arrive at its destination in New Orleans. This ruled out the obvious options of utilising a conventional vessel or a Ro/Ro service. Thankfully Arbour Shipping knew exactly where to go to solve this situation for our client.

Utilising our experienced transport contacts the cargo was successfully collected from the load site, despite severe weather, and was delivered to the vessel side the next day.
From here one of our highly experienced Projects Team was on hand to supervise the transfer of the reel from the trailer directly to the vessel.
This was the delicate part of the operation, utilising the dock cranes, spreader beam and a little tlc, the cargo was gently lifted from our transport directly to the vessel. From here it was secured to a bed of Flat Rack containers for its final transit to the port of New Orleans. It is not every day a company can move such a heavy and dense piece of cargo on a cellular vessel and it is only thanks to the knowledge and contacts of Arbour Shipping that this was possible.