Karachi, Pakistan

About This Project

POL: Southampton, UK
POD: Karachi. Pakistan
Weight: 60,000kgs

Arbour Shipping was approached by another forwarder to assist them in the movement of a Forging Press Unit which weighed a staggering 60,000kgs from Manchester to Karachi. The problem the client had was that they were not able to find a suitable solution to ship out of the UK due to the price of transportation. The 60,000kgs press would need to be transported to Antwerp to connect the only available sailing to destination that is until Arbour stepped in.
With our vast knowledge in project and heavy lift cargo, on a worldwide basis, we found an easy solution to transport the cargo from Southampton. By using this solution it cut down on the transport costs by over 70% and also reducing the freight cost by over 10%!
Arbour Shipping is very proud and pleased to have been able to help our customer on this shipment. With the current financial climate, we all know times are hard and need to save money wherever possible, “every little helps” as they say.