Italy to Australia

About This Project

December 2013 we were involved in a tricky shipment from La Spezia to Fremantle.

The cargo was all Out Of Gauge Oil Well Equipment that required shipping on 4 x 40′ Flat Rack Containers (Overwidth/Over Height). The client in the UK required the cargo be collected from the facility in Italy on domestic vehicles and stored whilst being inspected.

Once collected and brough to our depot in La Spezia the cargo was checked and measured and the details confirmed to the client in the UK. Something the client was extremely happy with as normally this doesnt happen prior to shipment.

Once the client released the cargo for shipment it was arace against time to get the carg loaded and onto the first available vessel from La Spezia. The cargo was succesfully loaded and photos were taken for the client so he could see how his cargo was loaded.