Houston, USA

About This Project

Felixstowe UK to Houston USA

2 x 40 Metric Tonne Reels (Breakbulk on a Container ship) Dimension : 3.00m x 2.50m x 3.00m

Arbour Shipping were contracted to move 2 rather large reels from our client’s site in the North East of England to Houston, USA.

As is the norm, the shipment was extremely urgent and time was of the essence.

Thanks to the highly experienced Projects Team at Arbour Shipping, the cargo was collected the following morning from the client’s storage facility. Both the reels were then transported to our loading facility at Felixstowe Port where they were physically checked, measured and photographed.

The following evening they were transported to the ships side, where they were loaded directly to the container vessel and shipped on that vessel as BreakBulk cargo on a bed of Flat Rack Containers. All in all a successful job against severe time restraints.