Grangemouth to Singapore

About This Project

July 2014 Arbour Shipping was requested to assist in the movement of some solid steel plates from Scotland to Singapore.
This was for one of our more regular clients and it was a pleasure to assist them in this move. The cargo itself is difficult to handle, as each “Plate” consisted of a single sheet of solid metal nearly 8 metres long by 2.45 wide and only 20cms thick, weighing in at 22’000kgs. More of a Heavy Lift than anything else, but as usual we were up against several time restraints placed on ourselves by the client.
However, due to the weights and dimensions the only way to safely ship these pieces was as 40’ Flat Rack Containers.
Therefore, Arbour Shipping Ltd arranged for the uplift of the cargo on flat bad trailers from Glasgow and trucked them to the nearest port. In this case that was the port of Grangemouth. Here the cargo was checked and re-measured to ensure all was correct before being offloaded and transferred to our warehouse facility. Staff from our Grangemouth office were on hand to supervise this load and to report back to the client that all was ok. The cargo was quickly and efficiently loaded to the 40’ Flat Rack containers using the overhead cranes inside our Grangemouth facility. The containers were then presented to the port for acceptance to the vessel prior to being loaded.
Thanks to the due diligence and expertise of our Grangemouth people, the cargo successfully sailed on the vessel from Grangemouth, on time and without incident. Furthermore, we were able to report to our client that the cargo successfully transferred to the mother vessel Leverkusen Express in Rotterdam also on time. By keeping our hands firmly on the pulse we were able to ensure a smooth shipment and keep the client updated before they even requested the information.
Our client was then able to download their documentation directly from the online documentation service that forms part of our website. This meant no waiting around for couriers or the post office, simply log on, enter your booking number and download/print your documents (invoice, bills of lading etc etc)