British Columbia

About This Project

Arbour Shipping have, for a substantial period, been safely transporting the cargo of a well known structural steel company from the UK to various global destinations. One such shipment was 2500 metric tonnes from their storage site in the North East of England to a mine in the wilds of British Columbia.

Utilising our container loading machine we successfully manage to ensure all the cargo was loaded into 40′ High Cube containers for ease of transport. This meant the collection of the loose material from the manufacturer and transporting to our facility for loading. Here all the items were secured onto a 39′ long wooden skid and loaded to each container. This ensured that the steel did not need any special coatings for transport and also meant there was no damage caused with multiple liftings as there would be with BreakBulk.

The cargo arrived at the mine site in pristine condition, much to the pleasure of bth shipper and consignee.