Arbour Shipping KPI Guarantee
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Super Green

Super Green

The Management of Arbour Shipping recognises the need to have in place an active policy that both protects the environment and promotes good working practices. A Policy that is designed to minimise the effects of pollution, reduce our carbon footprint and promote recycling efforts.

Arbour shipping actively intends to comply with all legislation and official codes of practice, in line with advice from the Environment Agency and local authorities whose mission statement encourages all commercial businesses to consider their environmental impact.

This is achieved by suitably training all staff and taking reasonable and practical steps to minimise the production of waste, noise, dust, smoke and any other known pollutants generated by the operation of this site.

Particular, attention will be directed to all staff with regards to:

  • Segregation of all types of waste to ensure maximum benefit for recycling
  • Minimising resource consumption
  • Monitoring utilities usage and measuring meter readings
  • Use of energy saving lighting
  • Reviewing all sub-contractors and customers

Special care and attention will be given to ensure that:

All company vehicles in our operation are regularly maintained and serviced to keep emissions of fumes and noise to an acceptable level in line with legislation.

All recyclable materials are segregated from other wastes, e.g., plastic cups, wooden pallets, office paper, archive files, toner cartridges, cardboard etc. Other wastes are also segregated to ensure any recyclable elements can be removed to minimise waste to land fill, e.g., computer monitors and accessories plus any Electrical Wastes (WEEE Products).

To keep to the minimum or avoid completely, using environmentally hazardous substances in the cleaning and maintenance of this office.

Efficient use of energy, reducing resource consumption, e.g., water, electricity and gas by reporting leakages to maintenance staff, switching off lights in rooms not in use, turning off computer monitors when not in use, reducing thermostat controls, efficient use of air con units, reduce/re-use of paper or re-use of office consumables.

All staff and those having defined involvement with the operation of any environmental protection measures or controls will be informed of their responsibilities in the relevant Company procedures. Temporary and visiting staff, suppliers and contractors will be made aware of the Management’s policy.

Environmental Protection philosophy by means of prominent display of this notice, and where appropriate a one-to-one introduction to this site’s policy to ensure compliance.

We monitor and review this policy on a regular basis or further legislation is introduced which indicates the necessity. We also maintain for the provision of adequate resources to ensure its application.