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Container Specification

Standard Containers

Standard containers or general purpose containers are the most used type of freight containers for all types of general cargo, closed on all four sides they can be supplied with doors at one or both ends and one or both sides depending on the requirements. 20ft and 40ft are the most common container size although they are available in a wide range of other sizes such as; 10ft, 30ft, 45ft and even 53ft from specialist suppliers.

The standardization of cargo containers is regulated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and this ensures containers can be stacked most efficiently, literally one on top of another. Although freight containers are manufactured around the world they are built to specific ISO specifications to enable the efficient and easy intermodal transportation of goods across the globe.

Containers are also available specially designed for certain types of cargo such as ‘garmentainers’ which are standard containers fitted with string, a bar system or a combination of both, these containers are designed to hold garments neatly and allow for increased flexibility and load capacity meaning savings on transportation and handling costs.

Standard Container Specifications

Specifications 20ft Standard Container 40ft Standard Container
Max. Gross Weight 30.480kg (67.200lb) 32.500kg (71.650lb)
Tare Weight 2.350kg (5.180lb) 3.910kg (8.620lb)
Max. Payload 28.130kg (62.020lb) 28.590kg (63.030lb)
External Dimensions:
Length 6.06m (19´10.5") 12.19m (40´00")
Width 2.44m (8´00") 2.44m (8´00")
Height 2.59m (8´6") 2.59m (8´6")
Internal Dimensions:
Length 5.90m (19´04") 12.03m (39´06")
Width 2.35m (7´08") 2.35m (7´08")
Height 2.39m (7´10") 2.39m (7´10")
Door Opening:
Width 2.34m (7´8.1") 2.34m (7´8.1")
Height 2.28m (7´5.4") 2.28m (7´5.4")
Cube Capacity 33.1 m3 (1.170 ft3) 67.7 m3 (2.390 ft3)