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Open Top Containers

Open Top Containers

Open top containers do not have solid roofs instead they have removable bows and a weatherproof tarpaulin roof which can be secured with ropes and allows for a significantly simplified loading and unloading process, the door header may also be swung out allowing for easier access to the cargo. Open top containers are ideal for bulky cargo such as machinery.

Open Top Container Specifications The removable bows on open top containers are not there solely to hold the tarpaulin cover but also to add stability to the ocean container, therefore flat rack containers can be more suited to over height cargoes.

Lashing rings in the container are used to secure and prevent shifting of the cargo during transit; these lashing rings can hold loads of up to 1,000kg.

Open Top Container Specifications

Specifications 20ft Open Top Container 40ft Open Top Container
Max. Gross Weight 30.480kg (67.200lb) 30.480kg (67.200lb)
Tare Weight 2.350kg (5.180lb) 4.000kg (8.820lb)
Max. Payload 28.130kg (62.020lb) 26.480kg (58.380lb)
External Dimensions:
Length 6.06m (19´10.5") 12.19m (40´00")
Width 2.44m (8´00") 2.44m (8´00")
Height 2.59m (8´6") 2.59m (8´6")
Internal Dimensions:
Length 5.90m (19´04") 12.03m (39´5.2")
Width 2.35m (7´08") 2.35m (7´08")
Height 2.37m (7´9.3") 2.37m (7´9.3")
Door Opening:
Width 2.34m (7´8.3") 2.34m (7´8.3")
Height 2.28m (7´5.4") 2.28m (7´5.4")
Cube Capacity 32.8 m3 (1.158 ft3) 66.9m3 (2.363 ft3)