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High Cube Containers

High Cube Containers

High cube containers are very similar to standard containers with one main difference; high cube containers have a height of 9’6″ as opposed to 8’6″ on standard shipping containers. This extra available height makes these freight containers ideal for light, voluminous cargo and bulky cargo.

High Cube Container Specifications These ocean containers are constructed to meet the high demands of sea travel, built from steel or aluminium they are strong, secure and weather proof allowing for the safe transportation of goods across the globe using intermodal transportation.

High Cube Container Specifications

Specifications 20ft High Cube Container 40ft High Cube Container
Max. Gross Weight 30.480kg (67.200lb) 32.500kg (71.650lb)
Tare Weight 2.350kg (5.180lb) 3.910kg (8.620lb)
Max. Payload 28.130kg (62.020lb) 28.590kg (63.030lb)
External Dimensions:
Length 6.06m (19´10.5") 12.19m (40´00")
Width 2.44m (8´00") 2.44m (8´00")
Height 2.90m (9´6") 2.90m (9´6")
Internal Dimensions:
Length 5.90m (19´04") 12.03m (39´06")
Width 2.35m (7´08") 2.35m (7´08")
Height 2.70m (8'10") 2.70m (8'10")
Door Opening:
Width 2.34 m (7´08") 2.34 m (7´08")
Height 2.58 m (8´05") 2.58 m (8´05")
Cube Capacity 37.30 m3 (1,317 ft3) 76.2 m3 (2,690 ft3)