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Fremantle, Australia

Fremantle, Australia

POL: Felixstowe, UK
POD: Fremantle, Australia
4 x 40ft Flat Rack Containers (Over Length, Over Width and Over Height).

Arbour Shipping was called in to help solve a dilemma this particular shipper was experiencing.

His normal carrier could not get the acceptance on a suitable vessel from the UK to Fremantle in Western Australia. They were referred to Arbour Shipping and the ball started rolling.

Having one of our senior project engineers drive down to visit the cargo enabled Arbour Shipping to correctly size up the problem. As the cargo was a batch of empty tanks for the brewing of beer and beverages, they had no structural strength to the sides. Consequently they were extremely difficult to lift, the only lifting point was a lifting eye on the top end of each tank and a support leg. This meant lifting could only be done via a crane thus posing the problem of delicately placing the tanks to trailers. There was also then the issue of how to secure the tanks to the trailer and the same again when they arrived at Felixstowe port to load to flat rack containers. If you placed chains or strapping over the tanks and then tightened them, the tanks would be crushed and rendered useless.
So how do you secure a cylinder to a flat rack container to stop it rolling off on the high seas……

That’s where Arbour Shipping come in, with our dedicated team of project engineers and stevedores we made a difficult job look easy. Hiring a crane that was more suitable for this type of lifting we successfully moved the tanks from the loading site to Felixstowe port. From there our stevedores and packers competently and efficiently deduced a way to adequately secure the tanks to flat rack containers. Utilising the limited available lashing points on the tanks, and little ingenuity, the cargo was loaded, sheeted and delivered to quay. Here it was successfully loaded to the vessel and arrived in Fremantle undamaged much to the relief of the client. 

Another difficult shipment made easy by Arbour Shipping Ltd.