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New Agency

Arbour Shipping Ltd are pleased to announch the appointment of ANL Logistics , part of ANL Container Lines as their agent in Australia. This agreement is part of a bi-lateral agreement between the 2 companies to further progress trade between the 2 countries.

ANL are one of Australia's pre-eminant logistics companies and bring a wealth of experience, ability and structure to the Arbour Shipping service. With offices located in Australia's main cities and Ports, ANL are supremely located to deal with any shipment large or small to anywhere in Australia. As part of the ANL Container Line Pty Limited / CMACGM group, ANL Logistics are large enough to handle any cargo.

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Julian Chambers, Director of Arbour Shipping Ltd had this to say about the agency agreement.

"This is a fantastic oportunity for both companies and I am extremely excited for the future and our involvement in the Australian market. Arbour Shipping has long been involved with shipments to/from Australia and now we have a partner that can match our drive and commitment. Our background has always been in the project shipping and oog cargoes, ANL experience is in container logistics and also as a Liner, therefore this agreement expands both companies porfolios dramatically".