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100 tonne Reel Port Fourchon

Arbour Shipping Ltd are specialists when it comes to moving Out Of Gauge and Heavy Weight cargos.

Recently we were instructed to move a 100 metric tonne reel of steel wire from the UK to Port Fourchon, Louisiana, via New Orleans. We arranged for one of our special haulage vehicle to collect the reel from the manufacturers site in the North East and transport it to Hull port where we loaded it to our own feeder service to Antwerp. (Our new feeder service calls Aberdeen, Hull, London and Antwerp then back again)

We took care of all the permits, the loading, the ams entry and UK/Belgian customs formalities for the client, so they had nothing to worry about.

The cargo was received in Antwerp Port where the team from Arbour Shipping Antwerp BVBA were on hand to supervise its receipt and transfer to the mother vessel. The whole process went very snoothly and this monster of a reel shipped to New Orleans,USA without any hiccups.

As most people are aware, Port Fourchon is not a serviced port as it is a supply base/port for the Oil and Gas industry in the Gulf Of Mexico. The nearest main seaport port is the Port of New Orleans. The road network, whilst new, is still limited in what can be transported as it is runs almost entirely through the Louisiana Bayou from New Orleans to Port Fourchon. Therefore the roads are all raised on stilts to stay above the waterlevel and such restricted to the weights they can carry. 

However, Arbour Shipping Ltd are never one to give up easy, therefore we decided early on that the only realistic course of action for the delivery was to transfer to a barge from New Orleans directly to Port Fourchon. This is what we did, the barge was sat waiting for the mother vessel to arrive in New Orleans where it was discharged direct from the mother vessel to the barge. The barge delivered the reel directly to the consignees berth at Port Forchon supply base the same day.